Do you want CSB Fever to be part of this event?

Send the organizers a message and ask them about us!!!!

CSB Fever is a lifestyle brand who loves to promote motorcycle drifting, stunting and racing. Because we all love motorcycle related events we will be present at this event as a visitor. We are in contact with the organisers to bring our bikes and riders to perform for our fans. 

Just leave us a comment if you want us to come and perform with Pro Stuntrider Saman Ghanbari from Iram and Bennie Busa from The Netherlands. Offcourse we can offer more riders but that depends of the budget from the organizers!!


Saman Ghanbari



Bennie Busa

Suzuki Hayabusa Drifter

About RiderZ City;


 Our Goal

Riderz City Exhibition aims to play an important role in organizing an exhibition on the world of motorcycles in a professional manner that keeps pace with the development of the country in every way, we want to benefit from the skills of individuals for creativity and innovation in the areas of work by making everything new and innovative are characterized.

Our Message

Our mission is to achieve the objectives of the exhibition with international quality standards and contribute to the development of the community to improve various sectors, and always meeting the good expectations of our customers and participants and be their first choice to be a good example in terms of quality and efficiency in the world of motorcycle exhibition

Our Audience Target

Audience satisfaction is a top priority in our exhibition program.
We provide entertainment, education, and workshops for all ages and groups within and outside the UAE.

Participants in Exhibition

The Riderz City exhibition was launched to promote the country’s and the GCC Region’s Motorcycle culture and to support the local and GCC markets in the world of motorcycles.

It will cover areas that raise awareness, especially among motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts. The goal is to have over 1,000 motorcycles participating in the first season of the exhibition

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Special Biker parking available at the Dubai World Trade centre, check out the website for more information.