Aftermarket parts maker Naps Sports introduced the limited-edition kit at the 2023 Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

The 2023 Tokyo Motorcycle Show took place at the end of March, but motorcycle manufacturers weren’t the only ones showing off their latest and greatest bikes to attendees. If you’ve never heard of Japanese aftermarket parts specialist Naps Sports, you’re about to—because it pulled the wraps off its first-ever dry carbon body kit for a motorcycle at the show. The chosen bike? Why, it’s the 2021-2022 Suzuki Hayabusa

For those unfamiliar, there’s more than one type of carbon fiber that makers can utilize to craft bespoke parts for bikes and other vehicles. Wet carbon fiber is much more popular, because it’s faster to use and also less expensive. The process there involves coating a carbon fiber cloth in resin, then molding it to fit whatever shape you want. The excess resin gives the finished piece a glossy, ‘wet’ look—hence the name. 

Dry carbon fiber, on the other hand, is also referred to as pre-preg carbon, because the resin has already been pre-impregnated into the carbon fiber cloth before it’s shaped to fit whatever the maker needs. It’s then placed in an autoclave, which uses both high heat and high pressure to cure it.

Very desirable effects of doing it this way include the correction of irregularities in the material, as well as making it super strong. Unlike wet carbon fiber, it’s also super lightweight, because no excess resin is used—and because that’s the case, it also comes out looking ‘dry,’ not shiny. It’s much more expensive and time-consuming to produce, but it’s also stronger and lighter—and that’s why you usually see it in use by professional race teams. 

Back to the Naps Sports Dry Carbon Hayabusa Body Kit. It’s made entirely in Japan and includes the front fairing, fender, tank cover, and rear cowl. Only 30 sets will be made, and the pieces will not be sold individually, only as a set. The company currently lists both the kit by itself, installed on your own Hayabusa that you bring to the shop, and Complete sets where the dry carbon body kit is installed on a new Hayabusa and sold to its new owner via Naps Sports. There’s also a plan to offer a Complete dry carbon body kit installation on the 2023 Hayabusa for two bikes in each of two colors: Glass Sparkle Black and Brilliant White. 

The 2021 and 2022 Hayabusa dry carbon body kit comes in your choice of a matte clear paint, or an unpainted version. If you choose to buy either kit, both come with body kit installation and inspection fees included. The unpainted body kit costs ¥1,980,000, or about $14,864, tax included. The painted kit costs ¥2,178,000, or about $16,357. Opt for a Complete version (which includes a new Hayabusa, so you don’t have to provide one) in a Matte Clear finish, and the cost is ¥4,478,000, or about $33,626. 

If the Hayabusa isn’t the bike that you’d like to see a dry carbon fiber body kit for, don’t worry. Naps Sports has other dry carbon fiber kits planned for the future. Here are the models that the specialist hopes to cover in the coming years: