Third Edition a Massive Success

With this year’s iteration of the Indian Riders Fest (IRF) now come to a close, we’ve got a press release that provided a front-row look at the celebrations – and all I can say is, dang. 

We missed out. 

A view of 2023’s Indian RidersFest. Media sourced from Indian Motorcycles’ press release.

More than 3,000 people from 39 different nationalities attended the 2023 Indian Riders Fest, according to a press release. Led by excavator king Tyler O’Hara and held in Česke Budějovice (Budweis), Czech Republic, the celebration included a stunning 39km parade of 1,500 bikes.

“…about 1,350 of the motorcycles entered were Indian Motorcycle models, up from 1,200 last year,” the press release continued.

Thanks to the above news, Indian Riders Fest 2023 has officially become “the premier gathering of Indian motorcycle enthusiasts in the world” and no one is more proud to represent than Jean-Marie Guillon (IRF organizer) and Grant Bestor, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle International.

I quote their remarks below:

“A big thank you to all the riders, visitors and partners who came to Indian Riders Fest 2023. We hope you all had a great time and enjoyed the festival weekend. We would like to thank all our IRF partners for their continued support and our deepest gratitude to the IRF production team for making this event possible.”

“We can’t wait to celebrate with you all again next year at the IRF’s very special ‘Back in Time’ Edition 2024. ”

– Jean-Marie Guyon, IRF organizer

“Jean-Marie and his team have done it again. The IRF continues to grow and has truly become a major destination event for riders around the world.The parade was amazing. It’s really inspiring to see riders come together to celebrate our bikes and it’s really inspiring to see the joy and support of the roadside locals contagious.”

“I know Tyler, Jeremy and our guests from the US were blown away by the excitement of this event and everyone who attended.”

– Grant Bestor, International Vice President, Indian Motorcycles.

In addition to the large turnout, Indian displayed the iconic Challenger RR, as well as the brand’s cutaway PowerPlus engine.

It was a great event overall. I can’t wait to see where his IRF will be held next season.