The lineup boasts extensive graphics and solid color options.

Helmet maker 6D does things its own way. While some manufacturers champion spherical shell shapes or MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) liners to amplify safety, the Brea, California-based brand developed its own proprietary Omni-Directional Suspension system (ODS). For the uninitiated, the impact management system utilizes elastomeric isolation dampers positioned between an outer EPP foam layer and an inner EPS liner to mitigate rotational forces.

That same dual-layer protective feature still headlines 6D’s ATS-1R (street), ATR-1 (off-road), ATR-2 (off-road), and ATR-2Y (youth) models in 2023.

“We’re excited to see this collection arrive as we head into the 2023 riding season,” acknowledged 6D lead graphic designer Dale Davis. “This collection will provide riders more choices than we have ever offered before, allowing them to select the perfect helmet to match their style.”

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Those choices include four graphics for the road-oriented ATS-1R helmet. The Alpha design favors a more subdued race-inspired livery. At the other end of the spectrum, former King of the Baggers champion Kyle Wyman’s signature graphic amps up the racing influences. The Patriot color scheme leans into the brand’s American roots while the Voodoo graphic adds extra personality to the range. Of course, five solid color options anchor the series.

Off the pavement, the entry-level ATR-1 arrives in Apex and Stealth graphics along with two solid schemes. The range-topping ATR-2, however, ups the ante with four options within the Drive, Phase, and Fusion graphics. The brand leans back into its United States heritage with the Tactical option but keeps it basic with black and white solid colors. Lastly, the ATR-2Y carries over several Drive, Fusion, and solid designs from its bigger sibling.

While customers can order 6D Helmets directly from the company’s website and current 6D dealers, Parts Unlimited now also distributes the brand’s lineup in the U.S. and Canada.