Japan-based AC-Sanctuary has built some beautiful, modified performance Kawasakis over the years, including a couple reported on by MD here and here. Now, it has turned its attention to a modern retro model produced by Kawasaki, the Z900RS.

The Z900RS is a capable machine in stock trim, but, as is customary for AC-Sanctuary, interesting and thoughtful modifications create a beautiful, high performance version.

To stiffen the frame for higher performance riding, new, lower rails connect portions of the frame (see the polished section).

The Sculpture swingarm is stiffer and allows use of a wider rear wheel and tire. New triple clamps change the steering geometry and hold beautiful Ohlins forks, while the new swingarm is suspended from an Ohlins shock.

Pricey OZ Racing wheels and Brembo brakes are also featured.

A new Nitro Racing titanium exhaust is part of the package, as well as a much larger capacity radiator to control heat.

Custom paint, fender eliminator, new mounts for the factory headlight, custom bar risers and other details provide options for Z900RS owners.

Not everyone wants to pour this kind of money into a retro-style motorcycle, but we are glad AC-Sanctuary produces this kind of custom for retro lovers. Take a look at their web site for additional details on this model and others.

Source: motorcycledaily.com