Once the tool is calibrated, adjusting your chain will be as easy as one-two-three.

While many newer bikes have done away with traditional chain drive systems in favor of low-maintenance alternatives such as belts and shafts, the majority of performance-minded bikes continue to drive the rear wheel through the chain. Of course, if you own a lot of chain driven bikes, chain adjustment is part of your regular maintenance schedule.

Depending on the bike, adjusting the chain can take him 5 minutes up to an hour. Lower-end bikes have cumbersome chain adjusters, and it can be very difficult to make sure both sides of the axle are aligned. High-end motorcycles are now equipped with precision chain tensioners that won’t rattle when the axle is loosened. However, rear wheel alignment is not the only challenge. In fact, it may take a few tries to fine-tune the chain slack as you manually measure the up and down movement of the chain with a ruler or tape measure.

But a company called BPA Racing offers a very interesting solution that will help you save time and sweat working on your bike. This device may look like a complicated tool, but it’s actually quite simple. The spring-loaded tool allows you to adjust the slack in your bike’s chain in one motion.

To set up the tool, you must first set up the chain properly and calibrate the tool. Simply adjust to your bike’s chain slack specs, attach to the chain and set the chain tension. If the lines match, you’re good to go. Once this tool is adjusted to your motorcycle, subsequent chain adjustments can be easily made. Of course, this type of tool is ideal for off-road riders, track racers, and anyone who does a lot of bike maintenance.

BPA’s chain adjustment tool is made of stainless steel with an aluminum ring and handle for easy operation. The kit comes in a case and includes spanners and Torx keys for calibration. BPA Racing products are now available for purchase from the official website. The chain adjuster has a retail price of $45.95 and a stock price of $89.95.

Source: rideapart.com