The best performing endurance sports bike in its segment.

“With the M 1000 XR Prototype, we are presenting our third M model for the first time at BMW Motorrad in the anniversary year. As a long-distance athlete with high long-distance aptitude both on the track and ultra-sporty driving dynamics, we have developed the M 1000 XR, M XR for short,” said Dominic Blass, Product Manager.

BMW M 1000 XR: The long-distance athlete meets the highest demands on country roads, long journeys and racetrack driving.

The letter M stands for worldwide racing success and the allure of BMW’s high-performance models and targets customers with particularly high demands on performance, exclusivity and individuality. BMW Motorrad introduced its successful M Automobile program strategy for motorcycles in 2019 and has been offering M Option extras and M Performance parts ever since. With the M RR and MR, BMW Motorrad’s first two separate M models were presented the following year.

In the anniversary year of “100 years of BMW Motorrad” and marking almost 100 years of tradition in motorsport, the M 1000 XR prototype is a super sports bike that masters the disciplines of country roads, long-distance driving and track use. It’s a preview. One of this segment has the same sovereignty and so far the level of performance is unknown.

The inline 4-cylinder engine with BMW ShiftCam technology and low weight deliver top performance in its segment.

Based on his 4-cylinder engine of the super sports car BMW S 1000 RR, equipped with BMW ShiftCam technology for changing control times and valve lifts. Over 147 kW (200 hp) engine power, full DIN curb weight of just 223 kg, and chassis technology, aerodynamics and control electronics that are equally designed for long-term high performance use on the road. increase. The new M XR brings long distances and fast laps to the racetrack as a dynamic driving dimension for crossover bikes in the sportbike segment previously reserved for thoroughbred superbikes. With the optional M Competition package available from the factory, further weight savings and even better driving dynamics can be achieved. The M XR prototype has a top speed of around 280 km/h.

M Winglets: More stable, less wheelie lean and faster acceleration thanks to aerodynamic downforce.

In addition to drive and chassis technology, aerodynamics were also central to the development specifications of the M XR prototype. The new M XR uses winglets to ensure excellent running stability even at high speeds, despite the improved engine output. It helps to ensure the best possible contact between the wheels and the road, especially when accelerating or driving at high speeds. Additional wheel load on the front wheels counteracts wheelie tendencies during acceleration, less traction control adjustment, more drive power transferred to acceleration, and drivers achieve faster lap times. The front-wheel-focused seating position gives you more control over the bike, especially in Supersport mode.

His M brakes with radial handbrake pump for optimal braking performance on the racetrack and in performance mode.
Like the M RR and M R, the new M XR also has M brakes.

The development took place directly, including his braking experience racing BMW Motorrad’s factory racing machines in the Superbike World Championship. The M calipers feature a blue anodized aluminum coating combined with the famous M logo. BMW Motorrad will release further information about the new BMW M 1000 XR in the second half of 2023.

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