The finished product weighs a total of 40 kg less than the original bike.

The BMW R 1250 GS is his one of the most popular adventure his bikes of all time. It is a model aiming to be inducted into the Hall of Fame of motorcycles. That being said, the GS was never considered a lightweight machine. UAE-based custom shop Oldtimer Middle East is determined to change that. Today, the BMW R 1250 GS is rarely the subject of bespoke products. Not to mention such a large-scale structure. In fact, the oldtimer used his BMW HP2 Enduro as building inspiration, and the R 1250 GS was owned by his good old friend Rob Dedeken.

De Deeken said he wanted the KTM 890 Adventure’s weight and that he wanted twice the power, so he commissioned this build. With half the bill already paid, the oldtimer was busy shaving almost 50 kg off the giant.

First, everything unnecessary for an off-road bike was removed, leaving only the bare essentials for road use. First, I removed the main stand and its bracket from the frame. Not only did this save unnecessary weight, but it also gave us a little more ground clearance. Furthermore, it was decided to do away with the subframe and replace it with a bespoke titanium subframe, resulting in a weight saving of around 4-5 kg.

Another change focused on the exhaust system, which underwent a complete overhaul. Oldtimers chose Akrapovic titanium headers to eliminate the need for servos. Not only did this save weight, but it also made the bike perform better. Added Akrapovic S 1000 RR GP slip-ons to complete the exhaust system upgrade. This enhances both the aesthetics and the sound of the R 1250 GS.

Oldtimer also decided to remove the airbox and replace it with a pod filter. This change not only saved about 2.5 kg of weight, but also improved airflow and improved engine performance. To save even more weight, Oldtimer replaced all the bolts with her Probolt titanium bolts. This switch to titanium bolts contributed to the weight savings while maintaining the structural integrity of the bike.

To maximize the performance potential of the modified exhaust and intake systems, Oldtimer also decided to optimize the performance of the engine. The bespoke BMW R 1250 GS puts out 150 horsepower and 95 lb-ft of torque.

To ensure the durability and protection of your off-road adventure bike, Oldtimer fitted the minimalist Wanderlich Cylinder Head Guards to give the delicate cylinder head the protection it needs without compromising the aesthetics of the bike. . To protect the bike’s engine from damage, Oldtimer also added an Eilenberger carbon fiber skid plate. Thanks to all the modifications carried out, the vintage car was able to save a total of 40 kg of weight.

Unfortunately, however, Rob de Deeken passed away a few months after completing the bike. That’s why Oldtimer dedicated the construction video and the project itself to the memory of a good friend. After all, losing a total of 40 kg was no easy task for this heavyweight adventurer. In fact, the project isn’t finished yet. The oldtimer is looking to get rid of the headlights, license plate and all ABS to further reduce the weight so he can finally sacrifice road leads to keep the weight under his 200 kilograms.