The Suzuki GSX-8S and Suzuki V-Strom 800DE, launched late last year, were Suzuki’s first all-new models in a long time. The Japanese brand announced a new engine platform and chassis.

But the focus has shifted away from the Bear’s midweight class, and all eyes are on what Suzuki can do with the parallel-twin platform going forward. With that naked bike, many have hinted at the possibility of a new sportbike from Suzuki in the not too distant future, and the infamous Kone Young Machine is the next bike they’re hoping for. implying that The rumor struck a chord with motorcycle designer and YouTuber Mich Superbikes, who set out to create his own version of a full fairing machine based on the GSX-8S, which would eventually become the GSX-8R. Possible – see video below.

It would be an interesting move for Suzuki, who recently dropped the legendary GSX-R1000 from its line-up and officially announced its retirement from motorsport. Well, if you look at the British Suzuki website, the Havesa and GSX-R125 can only be described as “sport bikes” sandwiched between a retro Katana and a sport-touring model, the GSX-S1000GT. The GSX-8R adds depth to the range and could help fill the void left by the popular (and lacking) SV650 sportbike.

If Suzuki is actually working on the GSX-8R, it would be well positioned in the world of motorcycles, and the much-talked-about Yamaha R9, which is reportedly under development, will soon be joining them. It will be. But the big question surrounding the GSX-8R is whether the Japanese brand has the money and willingness to develop it and bring it to market.

2023 Suzuki GSX-8S Review