The highly anticipated debut machine from Curtiss Motorcycle is here. Selling for $120,000, with 120 examples being built, The 1 is the latest brainchild of production custom genius Matt Chambers, CEO of Curtiss Motorcycle.

The number 120 wasn’t selected by accident. It reflects the 120th anniversary of the founding of Curtiss Motorcycle by Glenn Hammond Curtiss. Of course, the original Curtiss marque closed shop in 1911, though not until after Curtiss built a 4.4-liter V8 motorcycle that hit a top speed of over 136 mph with the company owner aboard.

Chambers revived the lapsed brand in 2016 when the Confederate Motors name became an economically untenable proposition. Rather than a V8 gracing the new Curtis, Chambers partnered with Zero Motorcycles to produce a premium electric motorcycle.

According to Curtiss, The 1 has several “firsts” to earn its nom de plume:

  • First to feature perfectly centered construction (Curtiss has an Axis Centered Design patent)
  • First to ever be truly designed and built from the inside-out
  • First with geometric and ergonomic adjustability
  • First to be precision-machined from aircraft-grade billet aluminum and titanium
  • First to feature a full immersion, liquid-cooled battery pack (Curtiss claims “thermal management technology yields best-in-industry efficiency with application to all forms of battery-based electrification”)
  • First proprietary a battery/radiator/backbone singularity
  • First to be designed for radical scale

As has been the case with previous Curtiss designs, The 1 features an exotic chassis and suspension. This time, however, it surrounds a 217-horsepower Axial Flux motor and a Fully-Immersed Curtiss Power Hex battery. Claimed range is 120 miles on the highway and 75 miles in the city—an unexpected twist of range dominance in the EV world. When we test The 1, we will be interested to see if those range numbers reflect real-world riding.

Curtiss Motorcycle is accepting reservations for The 1, with expected delivery as soon as Spring 2024. Investors may participate, as CMOT is an OTC stock. The current stock price is 0.1557 per share, giving Curtiss Motorcycle a market cap of $7.405 million.