DFX Moto’s Brainchild Cruises for DGR

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) has come and gone for another year of raising funds in support of men’s health – and accompanying the millions of memories is a collection showing off a brain-boggling bike build. 

The “Radial Nerve” is a unique product of Marcellous de la Rosa, a man who tinkered with pony power and created a seven-cylinder UMS radial aircraft engine… which he then plopped into a motorcycle frame

The end result is surprisingly sexy:

DFX Moto’s ‘Radial Nerve’ – A 7-cylinder radial bike that has been the center of attention for some time at this year’s DGR ride. The source of the media is his Facebook page on his DFX Moto.

Radial Nerve’s bespoke chassis also houses a large, powerful fan (to cool the motor), a belt-his final drive, and panniers salvaged from a “recycled 1940s Bakelite hair dryer box.” . Kickstarter gets things rolling, but RideApart reports that Marcellus also hid his crank from the hand, in keeping with the vintage aesthetic.

Why Choose Radial Drive Motorcycle Engine?

We did a little research and apparently these things are notoriously reliable. Looks aside, the radial engine design makes for easier cooling, wider stroke, and possibly lower fuel costs and efficiency.

Congratulations to DFX Moto for completing this build! Be sure to check out the DFX Moto Facebook page for the full build process.

Source: webbikeworld.com