Yes, you read that right! The Ukrainian army is using homemade electric motorcycles to carry rocket launchers through tricky terrain and is attempting to take down the barbaric Russian army.

The electric motorcycles have been supplied by Ukrainian bikemaker Delfast. They have also previously dispatched bikes for the Mexican police.

The motorcycles in context here boasts pedal support along with electric motors, both working in conjunction to return an insane claimed range of up to 200 miles. Couple that with the bike’s fantastic load-bearing capacity as well as the claimed 50mph top speed, and they become the ideal automobiles to carry rocket launchers into sneaky places.

Plus, these are slim bikes with off-road spec tires as well as long-travel suspension, practically making them perfect to go deep into rough terrain. With no loud exhaust to worry about, these EVs also have the stealth advantage to creep up on the enemy in absolute silence and launch a surprise attack.

While all these aspects are stock, the bikes have been further modified to carry NLAWs (Next Generation Light Anti-Armour Weapons). These weapons are specialized in taking down enemy tanks and weigh around 28 pounds, so carrying them on electric motorcycles cuts down travel time significantly.

Besides Delfast motorcyclesUkraine has also deployed several other light electric bikes in the war for varying purposes and they’re even being used on the battlefield.

In fact, thanks to their quick, versatile, and noise-less operation, snipers also requested electric motorcycles to help them reach sneaky spots as rapidly as possible.

Now as exciting as these developments might sound, real-life wars aren’t like your favorite video games (Any Counter-Strike fans?), and it’s good to see that the Ukrainian army is taking all measures to have an upper hand over the enemy.

We hope that the two countries come to a settlement soon, ending this dreaded war once and for all.