Some are worth trying, others should be skipped.

If you’re a motorcycle fanatic and have spent more than five minutes on TikTok, chances are the algorithm is already trying to give you motorcycle hack videos of questionable utility. Some may be great, some may be terrible. To be honest, this pretty much matches all the advice you can find on the internet from completely random sources.

As a service to the larger global moto community, South African moto vlogger Chaos Causes decided to try out some TikTok hacks he saw online in his home garage and shared the results in this video. As you can probably guess, his mileage varied and some things he wore were better than others. Growing up in a motorcycle-riding family, CC says his father used a long hose and spout to suck fuel out of the fuel tank the old-fashioned way. TikToker demonstrated the trick of initiating suction using a length of hose and a store-bought vacuum or compressed air. No mouth needed. does it work

CC didn’t have a vacuum cleaner in the shop, so she used an air compressor to pressurize her MT-09’s fuel tank, causing the fuel to drain out through a hose that plugged into the opening in the fuel cap. And then, fuel started pouring into the container. The container was a little dirty due to a bit of poor planning. I mean, suction is such a simple concept that it’s not hard to imagine how it works. Do all hacks work this well?

I won’t go through the entire list here, but as you can imagine, some worked better than others. But just because watching this video was a bit of a pain, I’ll add one more tip that’s not on the CC list.

Chain Cleaning Doesn`t Have to Be Messy

I know, I know, chain cleaning is one of those third-rail motorcycling topics that everyone seems to have an opinion about. If you have a method that works for you and that you like better, Im certainly not telling you to change it. However, if you watch CCs video and you see him complain about how his floor always ends up with chain cleaner all over it because of his chosen method (as well as the hack he tries in this video), you may be like me and find yourself wanting to reach through the screen and go “you`re making your life a lot more difficult than it needs to be, pal.”

You know all those cool bike parts/gear/accessories boxes that show up at your door because you bought something-or-other online, and then had it shipped? Save some of that cardboard. You dont have to hoard mountains of the stuff, but saving a big rectangle here and there can come in extremely useful when youre cleaning your chain, or doing other jobs that have significant mess potential. Stick a piece of appropriately sized cardboard under the chain when cleaning. If someone else is spinning the rear wheel to move the chain while you are cleaning, or idling the bike to do the same thing (like his CC in this video), you need both hands free.

As usual, hold the spray can of cleaner in one hand and the rag on the opposite side of the chain you are spraying in the other hand. That way, any excess spray from the cleaning products in the can or the spray grease will fall directly onto the rag instead of getting on the floor or near the tires.

When you’re satisfied that you’ve done a good job, place a piece of cardboard on the floor under the chain to catch any drips that may drip. It’s simple, cheap, and you probably just use what you already have at home and throw it in the trash when you’re done using it.