“An Unforgettable Guided Tour while Indulging in the Finest Cuisine and Luxurious Accommodation”

Last year, Ducati brought a new experience to our industry: The Giro Alpino. Nestled in the rocky scales of Colorado, 2022’s Giro Alpino brought Multistrada riders together to make memories fit to last beyond the 300 miles trekked. 

Now, Ducati’s bringing back the Giro Alpino for a second round – and the chosen state for everyone’s shenanigans is none other than the green mountains of Vermont!

Multistrada Ducatisti can expect to book off August 14-17 for the 2023 Giro Alpino (earlier than last year), with prices ranging from $595 USD per person. 

Here’s the schedule, according to Ducati’s dedicated coverage:

Ducati’s Giro Alpino adventure is back for Multistrada riders across the country! Media sourced from Ducati’s dedicated Giro Alpino platform.

2023 Ducati Giro Alpino Schedule

Monday, August 14 – Stowe, Vermont

  • Registration & Welcome
  • Introduction to Off-Road Riding (Optional)**
  • Evening Cocktail Reception & Dinner

**Riding Route does not require off-road skill

Tuesday, August 15 – Stowe, Vermont

  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Pre-ride Group Photo
  • Guided Ride (a.m.)
  • Hosted Lunch
  • Guided Ride (p.m.)
  • Evening Gala Dinner & Prize Ceremony

Wednesday, August 16 – Stowe, Vermont

  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Free ride – a selection of self-guided curated routes to a variety of points of interest. Choose to ride solo or alongside fellow Ducatisti**
  • Option to extend stay for an additional night
  • Dinner

**Free ride day offers you a multitude of self-guided curated riding routes to explore the region, and points of interest at your own pace. Join fellow Ducatisti or ride solo.

Thursday, August 17 – Stowe, Vermont

  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Departures

If you’re looking to add up the costs, Ducati’s also given us the price for staying at “The Lodge at Spruce Peak,” in Stowe:

2 Nights at The Lodge

3 Nights at The Lodge

  • Classic Room: $1,023
  • Studio: $1,194

Ducati’s Giro Alpino adventure is back for Multistrada riders across the country!

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Source: webbikeworld.com