Back in fall of last year, Ducati’s World Premiere debuted its ultimate adventure beastie: The 2023 Multistrada V4 Rally. This baby featured a slew of new stuff; with benchmark valve clearance checks every 36,000 miles/60,000km, the V4 Rally was built to traverse any and all piles of dirt with ease.

The Rally was impressive, but what really took the show was the introduction of the Rally’s Easy-Lift function.

According to Ducati, the Easy Lift works via hydraulics to soften the Rally’s suspension within the first three minutes of ignition, resetting the shock absorber preload and allowing riders to ‘bounce’ their bike to an upright position. 

A view of the Multistrada V4 S. Media sourced from Ducati.

Now that the Multistrada V4 Rally is suitably garbed for the surrounding topography, Ducati’s decided to bestow the tech to the next adventure model in line, too – and they’ve chosen their Multistrada V4 S for the honors.

Best part? The V4 S can also boast greater accessibility to shorter riders, too. 

“This function increases the accessibility of the Multistrada V4 S for riders of different builds, adding to the possibility of changing the seat position to two different heights,” explains Ducati’s press release. 

“These are combined with saddles of varying heights and the motorcycle lowering set offered as accessories.”

A view of the Multistrada V4 S. Media sourced from Ducati.

Already have a Multistrada V4 S? No problem – Ducati will apparently let you install the thing on your bike, free of charge. If you have a V4 S, expect to be contacted via Ducati’s MyDucati App, or by email. 

Not sure if this applies to bikes purchased on American shores? 

Don’t worry, this tech campaign will eventually extend to the US; in the meantime, hang tight and keep a weather eye on your app/email inbox!