SOLID EV Rides (Netherlands), originally founded as NXT Motors in 2016, has delighted us with several concepts over the last few years. Since my first visit to the company’s pop-up workshop in Heerenveen in August 2017, the company has launched several electric motorcycle prototypes after several successful fundraising campaigns.

Guy Salens – THE PACK: “The NXT ONE is a combination of an all electric naked bike and a cafe racer concept and is still one of the most beautiful electric cafe racers I have ever seen.” February 2019 , they presented a redesigned bike at Motorbeurs in Utrecht. Full carbon prototype called NXT RAGE.

NXT RAGE at the Motorbeurs in Utrecht

Since then, the SOLID team has been working on electric motorcycles under the leadership of Harm Besseling, co-founder and head of technical development at SOLID. In 2021, the company unveiled a bold and extravagant design concept for a free-standing frame, the so-called monocoque frame. This premium electric bike has been made possible through in-house development and collaboration, as well as the selection of quality materials. It was clear that SOLID was targeting a specific audience with the new series. ”

SOLID MX – 2023

To stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving two-wheel electric vehicle industry, SOLID shifts focus and launches its first production model, the SOLID MX electric moped. Following the ‘less is more’ principle, this newcomer packs a powerful punch with a top speed of 45 km/h and the use of advanced in-house technical solutions.

David Backx – SOLID Marketing Manager: “We believe this unique design of the LEV will create a whole new customer base. SOLID wants to appeal to an audience that wants something out of the norm.” , the element fully reflects its name. company. Made from durable materials such as steel for the frame and synthetic leather for the saddle, it can withstand all weather conditions. ”



Type: Li-ion 48 volt

Capacity: 3.3 kWh


Type: Brushless DC Hub motor

Power: 5000W (limited)

Max torque: 150 nm


Wheelbase: 137 cm

Seat height: 86 cm

Length: 199 cm

Width: 76 cm

Wheel size: 18 inches

Tyres: Kenda all road

Front suspension: Fully adjustable USD front fork

Rear suspension: Adjustable monoshock

Front brakes: 240 mm disc brake

Rear brakes: 220 mm disc brake

Dealer network

The electric scooter SOLID MX is available directly on the website at a price of €5,850 including VAT, but it also plans to establish a dealer network with its first station in the Netherlands, where it will partner with Ebike Holland. is tied . An event is planned at the Automotive Campus in Helmond (not far from Eindhoven). Details will be announced in the near future.

B2B fleet

SOLID is not only interested in individual consumers; the company also want to provide their electric vehicles and services to fleets and larger companies. Accessories can be added to the vehicles, making them ideal for last-mile delivery and courier service. Companies or organizations can reach out regarding offering their employees an alternative mobility solution. As a bonus, the side panels of the SOLID MX can be customized with logos, colours or other personalized flair.

SOLID MX is the perfect solution for customers who need everyday mobility options. Its battery gives it a range of 80 to 140 km, depending on terrain, driving style and weather conditions.

Test review SOLID MX

Guy Salens – THE PACK: “We have one of the first production models that was produced in The Netherlands. We will publish our test review about this new Dutch moped in a few weeks.”