Newsflash | Electric Night Ride #6 in Brussels

The Electric Night Ride was Trui Hanoulle’s idea to bring electric motorcycles & mopeds together for a night adventure in a European city. The last 6 editions had been in Antwerp #1 (Belgium), Luzern #2 (Switzerland), Paris #3 (France), Stuttgart #4 (Germany) with help from Christian Jog, Jaca #5 (Spain) with organizer Daniel Montero, and now Brussels #6 (Belgium, July 8th, 2023) organized by Pat Kramp. It is an independent, non-commercial event that sought to gain visibility and press coverage of electric mobility options, as well as show how much fun they can be.

After a spaghetti Bolognese dinner in Grimbergen (thank you Philippe Van der Gucht for this address), around 30 riders congregated near Brussels’ city center despite the sweltering 29° C temperature. Some even traveled from France and Spain to take part! Accompanied by police officers on their NIU electric mopeds, the group embarked on a leisurely journey down the streets of Brussels, waved past by the many people sitting outside at restaurants and bars. As they passed by iconic monuments and tourist spots, they earned applause from some amazed citizens.