This little bike is now more than ready to go on big adventures.

The Honda Cub is one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable two-wheelers in the world. Often imitated but never replicated, this cute little two-wheeler rose to fame thanks to its approachable nature and fun-loving character. These days, it has transcended the bounds of mere utility, and is seen as a pop culture icon and a lifestyle symbol.

In the U.S. market, Honda sells the C125 Super Cub for $3,849 USD. This charming, retro-inspired scooter is both stylish and practical, but is clearly designed for on-road use. Over in Japan, Honda sells a wide selection of variants under the Cub model range. One of the coolest just has to be the Cross Cub 110. This bike essentially takes the approachable nature of the Super Cub, and gives it extra ground clearance and dual-sport tires to make it a tad off-road-ready. Consider it a two-wheeled crossover, hence the “Cross” in its name.

Now, this bike already has tons of appeal on its own, especially for folks looking for a compact two-wheeler to ride on the daily, as well as on the odd camping trip on the weekends. However, G Craft, a popular aftermarket specialist in Japan, has given the Cross Cub a makeover by decking it out in a variety of adventure-focused goodies.G Craft Decks Out The Honda Cross Cub In Adventure-Ready Accessories

To start with, G Craft has developed an interesting rack setup that mounts onto the front, sides, and apron of the scooter. The design allows you to strap on all sorts of luggage and bags, giving you a virtually endless array of configurations. Up front, the rack mounts on top of the Cross Cub’s headlight, already designed to carry cargo in the first place. G Craft’s solution, however, is much wider, allowing you to carry heavier and larger stuff. At the back, meanwhile, G Craft has developed pannier racks that mount beside the stock rear carrier. They feature the same design as the front rack.

In the cockpit of the Cross Cub, G Craft has taken advantage of nearly every square inch of free space to turn it into the ultimate mini-camping machine. Beneath the handlebars, a similar rack can be found, allowing you to strap all sorts of pouches, bags, and luggage. The front portion of the bike’s frame – where the rider usually steps through to mount the bike – also gets a rack, allowing riders to carry even more gear.

While the Cross Cub 110 and G Craft’s accessories may not be available in the U.S., nor are they compatible with the Super Cub C125, they could very well give adventure-minded enthusiasts a good idea of just how capable a little scooter can be.