Silverstone-based TTS have created a bolt-on supercharger to fit every generation of Hayabusa and it catapults the horsepower at the Suzuki’s rear wheel to between 300bhp and 360bhp.

The kit uses a new design of anticlockwise supercharger from Rotrex, which has allowed TTS to simplify their original set up and so reduce costs both in manufacturing and in the install. The result is a kit that helps a bike charge smoothly to the redline with no lag, from £4560.

What’s more astonishing is that very little modification is needed to the stock bike. The only engine mod needed is a thicker gasket to lower the compression. Elsewhere, the injectors require a small tweak and an uprated fuel pump is fitted.

The ECU needs remapping, with TTS supplying three base settings, these are – A: Progressive power in lower gears; B: Full power in all gears; and C: Limited power.

While most supercharged bikes will be heading straight for the drag strip, it does mean that by tailoring the power as and when you need it, a TTS-kitted Busa can make for a perfectly usable (and legal) road bike – although TTS do recommend a longer swingarm for road bikes because that 300bhp+ does tend to send the front wheel skywards under acceleration.

In keeping with this desire to keep any modded bikes usable, the supercharger kit has been specifically designed to not reduce ground clearance on any of the three generations of Busa, while the supercharger belt is protected from debris by a machined guard.

TTS have even gone to the effort of building a custom intercooler hidden under the petrol tank cover; this is force-fed air by the fairing vents, so the bike looks as factory original as possible. Other than the supercharger itself, the only other giveaway is the oil reservoir for the supercharger and oil level indicator, which pokes out from a vent in the fairing.

So just how fast is it and how powerful is it? For Gen 1 models (1999-2008) the kit gives the bike 300bhp at the rear wheel, while for Gen 2 (2008-2018) and Gen 3 (2021 onwards) it is 360bhp. Torque, meanwhile, is boosted to 190lb.ft on all variants.

To give an idea of speed, TTS’s Gen 2 development bike (which packs 400bhp at the rear wheel) managed a quarter-mile time of 9.1s @ 161mph. Quite quick, then.

Costs vary from model to model but start from £4560 for the Gen 2 kit, with a lead time of eight weeks because each is built to order.