Kids get a fresh electric dirt bike in Honda’s CRF-E2.

American Honda is making a modest entry into the kidselectric bike space with the help of Greengar Powersports. The Greenger Powersports Honda CRF-E2 Electric Dirt Bike ($2,950) is an officially licensed American Honda product. What does that mean?

“The CRF-E2 is a collaboration product between Honda and Greenger, and the two companies have worked together to make it available to Honda dealers and customers,” said Colin Miller, Assistant Manager of Powersports Public Relations at American Honda. “This product is designed, manufactured and sold by Greenger. Honda has licensed the use of its trademark by Greenger. All customer service and warranties are provided by Greenger.”

There it is…

The CRF-E2 is a minibike oriented to youths who have experience riding pedal bicycles, including electric bikes. Maximum rider weight is no more than 88 pounds and height is just under 4 feet, 3 inches. It is available for purchase at select US Honda powersport dealers. For reference, Honda’s comparable tried-and-true gasoline-powered CRF50F entry-level off-road bike costs $1,799. It’s more newbie oriented versus KTM’s faster and also way more pricey SX-E 5 or the Husqvarna EE 5 copy cat.

The CRF-E2 is a youth-oriented electric minibike that kids ride as their first motorcycle.

Dimensionally the CRF-E2 splits the difference between the CRF50F equipped with 10-inch wheels and the CRF110F with its 14/12-inch combo. For the review, we enlisted first-timer, 9-year-old Harvey Silva.

The CRF-E2 is powered by a quiet, air-cooled brushless motor that’s capable of speeds up to 20 mph.

“I had a lot of fun riding the dirt bike because it was really fun,” Harvey says with a smile. “It was hard to ride with the gear on, but once I rode it for an hour or so, I started to get used to it and then it was really fun.”

The CRF-E2 is designed for first-timers. It’s quiet and easy to ride, making it well suited to teaching kids how to ride a motorcycle.

Like any bike, we recommend riders don appropriate motorcycle gear including an off-road helmet (with fixed chinbar), goggles, above-the-ankle boots, long-sleeved jersey, pant, and gloves. And as Harvey pointed out, that can take some getting used to for a new motorcycle rider.

A removable 950-watt battery powers the CRF-E2. It offers nearly two hours of run time and can be charged at home with a standard 120-volt power outlet in the US.

The CRF-E2 is powered by a maintenance-free air-cooled brushless 48-volt direct current motor. It’s rated at 18.4 lb.-ft. torque. Unlike a gasoline-powered dirt bike, maximum torque is available as soon as the throttle is twisted.

Weighing in at 106 pounds, the 12-inch wheel equipped CRF-E2 is the perfect tool to introduce children to motorcycling.

A removable 950-watt lithium-ion battery offers nearly two hours run time. The battery is charged via a traditional 120-volt household power adapter in about four hours. Greenger Powersports offers a fast charger as an accessory that reduces charging time to 2.5 hours.

The CRF-E2 boasts pleasing CRF-family styling including its robust-looking aluminum frame and swingarm.

Two performance modes are available, limiting top speed to 16 mph (Mode 1) and 20 mph (Mode 2). Like a traditional motorcycle, the CRF-E2 has a throttle mounted on the right handlebar. A handlebar-mounted LCD panel monitors battery capacity. The right brake lever operates the front hydraulic disc brake and the left lever controls the rear disc brake. No clutch or shift lever.

“I’m very happy,” said Harvey when asked how he felt about the bike’s performance.

“It’s perfect because it’s so powerful,” he grins.

Most of the time Harvey is in Mode 1 and he’s running the CRF-E2, but you can also choose Mode 2 if you’re more familiar with it.

The E2 he rolls on 12-inch spoke wheels and weighs him 110 pounds. This makes it slightly lighter than a petrol engine. To accommodate riders of different heights, there are two seat height options available (He’s 24.8″ or He’s 25.6″). Adjustments are made by moving the hex screw on top of the shock absorber.

When asked how he drives and steers, the boy replies, “Well, it was fine.” “I fell while holding the steering wheel and turning on the small ramp.

Despite the forgiving specs, Harvey was able to maneuver his tiny CRF with ease despite the limited amount of time he spent sitting in the off-bike seat.”It was comfortable, but I’m a little nervous because I could fall while driving.”

Another nice thing about this CRF-E2 is that it has real motorcycle suspension and brakes. Suspension consists of telescopic forks and adjustable rebound shock absorbers with about 4 inches of travel. It’s a compact, easy-to-use package that helps kids get the feel of riding a real bike.

When asked which brake he liked best, Harvey preferred the feel of the rear brake.

If your child loves to ride a bike and wants a motorcycle challenge, the CRF-E2 is for you. Because the E2 has a near-maintenance-free design (aside from wear parts like tires, brake pads, final drive chains, etc.), a smooth ride, and legendary Honda design and dealer support, Perfect for entry-level drivers.

Whether your little one is looking for a little fun or wants an introduction to the world of motorcycles, Big Red delivers as always.

Greenger Powersports Honda CRF-E2 Technical Specifications and Price

PRICE$2,950MOTORAir-cooled brushless 48-volt direct currentBATTERY960-watt lithium-ion, removableCLUTCHN/ATRANSMISSIONN/AFINAL DRIVEChainFRAMETwin-spar aluminumFRONT SUSPENSION33mm telescopic fork; 3.9 in. travelREAR SUSPENSIONHydraulic shock, spring preload and rebound damping adjustable; 3.8 in. travelFRONT BRAKE1-piston caliper, 190mm discREAR BRAKE1-piston caliper, 190mm discWHEELS, FRONT/REARDie-cast aluminum; 12 x 1.6 in. / 12 x 1.6 in.TIRES, FRONT/REARKenda Millville K771; 60/100-12RAKE/TRAIL25.0°/1.3 in.WHEELBASE38.2 in.SEAT HEIGHT24.8–25.6 in.CAPACITY20AH/960WhCHARGING TIME4 hr. (2.5 hr. fast charger), 100% / 3.2 hr. (2 hr. fast charger), 80%RUN TIME2 HR.CURB WEIGHT106 lb.WARRANTY2 years battery; 1 year frame and powertrain