The Honda CB900F, with its ease of use and attractive 4-cylinder engine, is the motorcycle that made many enthusiasts dream and inspired the concept introduced in this article.

The new CBF project was launched by Honda itself about three years ago, but the dream was soon forgotten. Later, Japanese magazine Young Machine decided to revive the idea, presenting a possible concept for the Honda CB800F that would attract attention after the appearance of the new Hornet and CB650R.

You can find retro designs even on modern motorcycles, for example Kawasaki’s Z900RS and Suzuki’s Katana.

Well, Japanese magazine Young Machine has asked Honda to rethink the CB-F project and show off the classic retro concept of the CB650R. This new model will be called the ‘Honda CB800F’ and will apparently have a design inspired by his aforementioned 1980s CB900F, with his 4-cylinder engine, the same as the CB650R, but he plans to increase it to 800cc. .
The CB800F is the missing link, easy to ride, lightweight yet mechanically sophisticated and with compact dimensions, it is the ideal bike for 4-cylinder naked engine enthusiasts. For now, it’s just an illusion, a project that Honda has already abandoned and won’t last long. But nothing is taken for granted. Want to take your new CB800F on the go? Will it work for the European market?