Bring a fat wallet for these blinged-out cruiser motorcycles.

If you’re a member of the top 1 percent out there, congratulations—this list of new motorcycles is for you. Well-heeled buyers looking for a high-end bike can afford the premium components, beautiful finishes, and exclusivity of the bikes we’ve assembled here, but we’re going to do you a solid and weed out the one-off customs to shine the spotlight on bikes you can buy in the US.

As you’d expect, limited-run boutique brands with a direct-to-consumer business model rule this category, but the majors are represented here as well, even in the shrinking cruiser pool. There’s still plenty of high-end hardware to be found, some of it exceedingly rare and most of it available to anyone with deep enough pockets. The bikes we’ve sorted through range from $40,000 to $155,000, so in order of price, here’s our list of the top most expensive production bikes.

The Wraith features a machined aluminum chassis and a 2,163cc engine good for a top speed of 160 mph.

2023 Combat Motors Wraith | $155,000

Power cruisers are Combat Motors’ bread and butter, and if it seems like they share visual similarities with the Curtiss bikes, it’s because they have a few of the same elements like a girder front end and lots of machined aluminum. After venture capitalist Ernest Lee acquired the intellectual rights and designs to Confederate in 2017, he continued to churn out models based on the brand’s previous designs. Now that he’s rebranded as Combat Motors, many of those same bikes still appear on the company’s website, though with some refinements.

At the top of the charts is the redesigned Wraith, which features a frame carved from solid billet aluminum and power coming from a 132ci (2,163cc) S&S X-Wedge 56-degree V-twin good for a claimed 111 bhp at 4,500 rpm, with 143 lb.-ft. of torque at 3,500 rpm. Yikes. In case you’re wondering, claimed top speed is over 160 mph. The machined aluminum monocoque chassis supports a massive curved backbone to carry the fuel, and it all rolls on carbon fiber BST wheels, with fully adjustable rear suspension and Beringer brakes. Combat says it has limited stock available, so act fast; some of its other models are already sold out.

2023 Arch 1s | $128,000

Arch’s latest model, the 1s retains the 124ci V-twin engine and aluminum chassis, but brings a sportier ethos.

Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger’s boutique motorcycle company makes meticulously detailed, bespoke V-twin musclebikes out of a compact LA-area workshop, and while the $94,000 KRGT-1 performance cruiser is its flagship, Arch Motorcycle also launched a second production model, the sportier, sleeker, and more expensive Arch 1s, last year. Chief differences on the 1s include a new chassis with a steeper rake and shorter wheelbase, but it’s still powered by the same burly, dual-cam 124ci S&S V-twin seen in the KRGT-1, nestled into a steel and aluminum chassis machined in-house. The 1s is the company’s first production single-sided swingarm motorcycle (hence the name), and it’s also the first time Arch has gone with a mid-control arrangement.

Other trick bits onboard include fully adjustable, Arch-spec Öhlins suspension, ISR brakes with dual six-piston calipers up front, and an Arch-designed 2-into-1 stainless steel exhaust capped by a carbon fiber Yoshimura muffler. The Arch team says it works closely with the customer to tailor each bike to their personal aesthetics and ergonomics, so we already know the thing’s gonna blow a hole in your wallet. How big a hole? The 1s is tagged at $128,000 per build.

2023 Curtiss 1 | $125,000

Electric, infinitely adjustable, and one of a kind, the 1 is meant to “reimagine luxury motorcycling,” with a price to match.

Steampunk, functional art…whatever you want to call it, the Curtiss 1 is definitely not your average showroom sled. In fact, the high-concept electric isn’t technically available yet, though the order book is open (deliveries are expected next year). The hook with the new 1 model is that it allows owners to tailor geometry, scale, and the ergonomics of their bike to whatever they want. With the 1 featuring multilink front and rear suspension with adjustments for trail and ride height, owners can fine-tune machines to their exact dimensions, while the handlebar and footpegs can also be adjusted in multiple ways.

The list of radical features goes on to include an exotic billet aluminum and titanium chassis, a 217 hp Axial Flux electric motor, and an upgradeable Curtiss Hex battery pack. Initial peak power estimates are 110 hp and up to 147.5 lb.-ft. of torque, with range varying from 120 miles (city) to 70 (highway).

Although the bike’s 1907 Racing Livery commands a $137,000 price tag (and we’ve seen prices of up to $180,000 on the site), we feel the limited Hades Blonde (pictured) is easier on the eyes, if not the wallet. If you can call $125,000 “easy.”

2023 Indian Challenger RR | $92,299

A race-only bagger? The Challenger RR is based on the King of the Baggers racebike, but its premium components come at a steep buy-in.

Want a true cruiser-based, track-only racer? Be prepared to spend big to snag it; Indian’s Challenger RR will set you back a cool $93,000. Built to 2022 MotoAmerica King of the Baggers series race standards but equipped with the same (sort of) PowerPlus V-twin engine as the stock Challenger, the RR model nevertheless features all kinds of modifications to the cylinders, cams, and throttle bodies, to name a few.

The Challenger RR also brings a bucketload of one-off parts, but the bike that’s available for sale to consumers runs a similar hot-rodded V-twin with a 112 CID big-bore cylinder/piston kit along with CNC-ported cylinder heads, S&S camshafts, and an S&S air intake system. S&S billet adjustable triple clamps and Öhlins FGR 250 fork are matched to an S&S race-modded swingarm and a TTX Öhlins rear shock, and race-spec Brembo M4 front calipers bite down on dual 330mm rotors. At the back is a Hayes rear caliper with an EBC rear rotor to further enhance the braking capabilities, but don’t think you’ll be cruising down the boulevard with this bagger; it’s not street legal.

2023 Boss Hoss Limited Super Sport Big Block | $68,900

How big is your engine? WIth the Super Sport model, you can choose from four options of various displacements. The smallest is 6,200cc.

When Monte Warne created his first Chevy V-8–powered motorcycle in Dyersburg, Tennessee, back in the ‘90s, the cruiser world took notice. His unique design employed a right-angle drive transmission that allowed the bike’s length to be kept to a minimum, and with the engine mounted inline with the frame, it made for a well-balanced package envied by other V-8–powered motorcycles. With new ownership came full vehicle type approval from the European Commission (EC), effectively making Boss Hoss Cycles Inc. the only globally approved V-8 motorcycle manufacturer. Its latest release, the Boss Hoss Super Sport is the first new model design by Boss Hoss since 2000.

The insanely outsize specs are mind-boggling, with the 496 Big Block engine (that’s 8,128cc) good for a claimed 600 hp and 569 lb.-ft. of head-snapping torque. Wheelbase is a trucklike 80 inches, and the fuel tank holds 8.5 gallons of dino juice.

Of course, you can opt for the base Super Sport model which offers smaller displacements, like a 454 small block engine (just 7,439cc!). All Super Sports have a two-speed semi-automatic transmission.

2023 Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary Edition | $51,999

Harley celebrates its 120th anniversary by ladling special commemorative touches and a wicked paint job onto its newest CVO Road Glide.

Harley’s priciest bike can be found in its premium Custom Vehicles Operation line, where an exclusive group of models already boast top-shelf paint, up-spec componentry, the latest electronics, and some of the finest finishes you’ll find anywhere. At the top of the list is the 2023 CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary model, which carries an eye-watering tag of $51,999.

Since 2023 is Harley-Davidson’s 120th anniversary year, The Motor Company has made a big celebratory statement with this bike, placing a Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-twin at the heart and surrounding it with the signature frame-mounted fairing, 49mm Showa Dual Bending Valve fork, a 19-inch Tomahawk wheel, Brembo brakes, and a premium Boom! Box GTS infotainment system with premium Rockford Fosgate sound. The finishes are exquisite, with a stunning black and Heirloom Red anniversary paint job, Alcantara-covered seats, and glass-filled art-deco flying eagle motifs and a laser-etched serialization on the tank. The included Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS)—an electronic safety suite that includes cornering ABS, cornering traction control, Hill Hold, and more—are designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration, and braking.

The bike is limited to just 1,500 units worldwide.

2023 Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide | $42,999

Not just a pretty face: The 2023 CVO Street Glide gets a whole new powertrain and a fresh face this year to go along with its top-shelf amenities.

We already know that Harley’s CVO line contains some of the spendiest production bikes available to the regular consumer, so it’s no surprise to see another of its 2023 models on this list. The CVO Street Glide underwent a significant redesign this year, with the iconic batwing fairing getting a major face-lift, while the rest of the bodywork also got subtly resculpted. New features also include fully integrated LED lighting and a new 12.3-inch TFT color touchscreen display.

There’s even bigger news in the engine room, with the new CVO Street Glide now packing the highest-displacement powertrain to be factory-installed on a Harley tourer. The Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121 engine features liquid-cooled cylinder heads, variable valve timing (VVT), and a new intake tract, said to produce more power and torque than the Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine. Ride modes, cornering ABS, and a premium sound system add to the list of premium features.

As you’d expect on a CVO bike, the finishes are world-class, with a Platinum base color and satin pinstriping or a two-tone Whiskey base and airbrushed details and pinstriping.

2023 Indian Pursuit Elite | $39,999

The full-dress, limited-edition 2023 Pursuit Elite is one of Indian’s most lavishly outfitted and most expensive models this year.

Much like Harley’s CVO line, Indian’s Elite series also purports to feature the brand’s best of the best, with bikes loaded to the nines with premium features, the latest electronics, plush amenities, and unique finishes. You might think the new 2023 Pursuit Elite is just a better-looking version of the base Pursuit model (itself based on the Challenger bagger), but you get lots of bonuses along with the aluminum frame, chassis-mounted fairing, and touring amenities. The cargo trunk with an integrated passenger backrest, heated grips, and touring seat are still there, but the limited-edition Elite also includes electronically adjustable Fox rear suspension (allowing you to adjust preload right from the dashboard) as well as Smart Lean Technology using a six-axis Bosch IMU to tune traction control and ABS as standard features.

Like the base model, the Pursuit Elite is also equipped with Indian’s familiar 7-inch touchscreen powered by the Ride Command system, while backlit switch cubes, a Pathfinder Adaptive LED headlight, and Pathfinder LED driving lights help brighten up night rides.

The finishing touches include a swank metallic paint job with bronze accents, all augmented by color-matched Elite badging. MSRP for the Indian Pursuit Elite (available in limited numbers) is $39,999.