The Starship seems to have borrowed one too many styling cues from the revered Honda Gold Wing.

In 2022, a new motorcycle manufacturer was born from China. Paifang Moto (known as PFMoto) has released some low-res renderings of their futuristic touring machine. At the time, we knew the company had some connection to Lifan and its parent company, Geely Group, which includes Qianjiang, Benelli and Keyway.

We haven’t heard much about PFMoto since Render’s 2022 release. Many of us dismissed this as just a Chinese brand launching a new concept bike that never saw the light of day. Nonetheless, PFMoto seems to have done a good job of it, as they peeled the cover off the Starship 6, a modern touring bike that “borrowed” some style cues from the decidedly popular bike. .

This “popular motorcycle” I’m referring to is the Honda Gold Wing, as the PFMoto Starship 6 seems to be a shrunken version of Honda’s top-tier tourer. It even has similarly styled side panniers that are built into the bike’s bodywork. There’s also a huge top case right behind the passenger back rest. Of course, the bike also has a large windscreen for adequate wind protection. On the ergonomics side of the equation, the Starship 6 features a low saddle, upright handlebars, and forward controls. These give the rider a relaxed, cruiser-like riding position ideal for long rides. 

Interestingly, however, PFMoto hasn’t opted for a powerful, torquey engine for the Starship 6. Instead, it’s fitted with a rather lackluster 573cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected V-Twin engine. With 60 horsepower on tap, it pumps out less than half that of the Honda Gold Wing, and its engine is a measly one-third the size of Honda’s high-end touring machine. Tipping the scales at 280 kilograms, it’s undeniably lighter than the Gold Wing, but is still heavy for a bike of this displacement. As such, we can probably expect some pretty sluggish performance from this tourer

In terms of technology, it’s clear that PFMoto has ambitions of playing in the big leagues, as the Starship 6 flaunts some pretty impressive features. It gets an electronically adjustable windscreen, as well as a full-color TFT instrument cluster. Like the big tourers in the mainstream market, PFMoto has fitted the Starship 6 with Bluetooth connectivity and loud speakers, in case you wanted to blast your music as you ride

With all that on the table, it’s highly unlikely that the Starship 6 will ever make its way outside of the Chinese market. The bike is simply too heavy and underpowered to be competitive in the U.S. and European markets. Nevertheless, in China, the wannabe Gold Wing has been priced at the equivalent of just $4,000 USD.