The premium model is powered by an inline-four engine that may seem rather familiar.

In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in new motorcycles coming from Chinese manufacturers. Names like CFMoto, QJ Motor, and Loncin have stepped into the limelight with their impressive array of new models. Not to be left behind, Cyclone, a subsidiary of the well-known Chinese brand Zongshen, has also been making significant waves in the motorcycle industry.

Cyclone has formed a notable association with the revered British brand Norton. This connection is evident in their offerings, with models like the RX 650 adventure bike and the upcoming RE 650 retro-roadster incorporating Norton’s technology. Now, Cyclone is diversifying its portfolio by venturing into the realm of sportbikes. The so-called RC 680 boasts a sleek, modern aesthetic, as depicted in the renderings. However, the design nuances, such as the raised clip-ons and the less aggressive rear sets, hint at a sport-touring orientation rather than an all-out supersport approach.New Cyclone RC 680 Sportbike Reportedly Under Development In China

Cyclone seems to have “borrowed” some technology from Honda, particularly in the case of the engine found in the RC 680. This powerplant closely resembles the one found in the Honda CBR650R, or at least it appears to be a derivative. Sporting a 648cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, inline-four engine, it delivers a respectable 95 horsepower and 43 pound-feet (62 Newton-meters) of torque. Zongshen’s engine, however, gets a slight increase in stroke, from 46mm to 47.8mm, resulting in a slightly larger displacement. This explains the “680” in its name, although the actual displacement reportedly stands at 674cc.

Stylistically, the RC 680 shares common features with other sportbikes produced in China, embracing flamboyant details that catch the eye. Notable elements include a single-sided swingarm, an exposed and stylishly designed exhaust system, and the incorporation of an aluminum frame and swingarm. The RC 680’s chassis is supported by inverted front forks and a centrally mounted rear monoshock. Meanwhile, Brembo brakes are employed at the front, adding to the bike’s overall appeal and performance capabilities.

As of now, details about the production timeline for the RC 680 remain undisclosed. The only available visuals are these low-resolution renderings. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the transition from concept to production can often take some time, and there may be a wait before we see the bike in its final form. With all that said, it’s not uncommon for some designs, particularly those resembling established models closely, to primarily remain within China’s domestic market.