Perforated leather panels ensure abrasion resistance with extra breathability.

What makes the perfect pair of gloves? That’s quite a hard question to answer, as it would depend entirely on your riding style and intended use. Especially now, given the hot weather, the need for lightweight, breathable gear is higher than ever – but also now, given that the weather is perfect for riding, motorcyclists need to keep themselves protected every time they hit the road.

Indeed, there are tons of textile and mesh gear available, and a lot of these provide excellent protection while at the same time keeping you cool as you ride. For those demanding a little more protection, especially for gloves, it’s hard to replace the protection provided by good old leather gloves. To combat the heat and offer the best possible protection, French gear and equipment brand Furygan has launched its newest pair of gloves. The new Dean gloves incorporate a sporty design, albeit one that’s street-focused. Here, we find large leather panels for abrasion resistance, but with a lot of perforations to promote airflow.

More specifically, the Furygan Dean gloves are made out of goat leather, which is known for its abrasion resistance, comfort, and excellent tactile feel. The upper portion of the gloves feature a lot of perforations to promote the circulation of air. Meanwhile, comfort gussets on the fingers and wrist provide extra rage of motion. On the safety side of the equation, we find microfiber reinforcements on the palm, as well as reinforced regions on the fingers. A protective shell covers the knuckles, too, further adding to the list of safety features. Overall, the gloves receive PPE certification according to the EN13594 standard.

As mentioned earlier, the Furygan Dean gloves feature sporty styling, however, it’s important to note that they’re street-focused, as they lack the necessary protective features found on sportbike gloves. Thanks to their durable construction, however, they do provide extra protection when compared to standard mesh or textile gloves.

Furygan offers the new Dean gloves in only one black colorway, making it easy to mix and match the gloves with all sorts of riding gear. They’re sized from S to 3XL, and are secured via a Velcro tab on the cuff. Recommended retail pricing for the European market is 89.90 Euros, or about $99.45 USD. Do note that pricing and availability varies per region. For more information, please visit Furygan’s official website below, or get in touch with your local gear retailer.