Test mule spotted in Spain with some interesting finds: Triumph Scrambler 1200 ready for next major update

Triumph’s 2023 has been quiet so far, with headlines only about the upcoming 350cc roadster in partnership with Indian company Bajaj Auto. But that’s no longer necessary as the British motorcycle manufacturer stocks extensive updates for the Scrambler 1200. The bike was seen with very little camouflage during testing in Europe, and the changes were very apparent. Needless to say, this will be the bike’s first major update since its launch in 2019.

The 2024 Triumph Scrambler 1200 Will Have A New Variant

A test car spotted in Spain looks like a new base version of the Scrambler. It could either replace the current 1200 XC outright or act as a cheaper option for the 1200 series. What are you giving away? Well, we’ve added more basic components than the existing model.The new Scrambler ditches the fancy Öhlins his Outback shock and has simpler suspension. This setup seems to have less travel and no fork adjustments, suggesting that the upcoming bike is targeting tarmax stakes. Additionally, the Brembo M50 calipers at the front are replaced by simpler Nisshin units, identical to those on the Trident 660, and a similar treatment continues on the Outback. The final piece of the puzzle is the new instrument cluster. It’s the same Scrambler 900 but with a full LCD all-around device. For reference, the current 1200 has a full TFT unit with a unique shape.

2024 Triumph Scrambler 1200 will have minor engine changes

Close up shot of Triumph Scrambler 1200’s powerhouse

A closer look at the test mule reveals Triumph’s latest 1,200cc twin powerhouse. It features a new cooling system and an improved exhaust with different tailpipes. Also on each header and on the big box Outback he has two Lamba sensors that allow Triumph to clearly monitor that the factory meets the latest Euro 5 standards. However, we don’t expect the maximum horsepower (90 hp and 81 lb-ft) to stay the same.

In terms of design, the Test Mule features new LED lights. The headlights are unchanged, but the taillights are now shorter and the LED indicators are much slimmer than on the existing bike. This is also reflected in the ’24’ line of the Scrambler 1200, along with the engine updates.

When will the new motorcycles go on sale?

Triumph Scrambler standing in the desert

Since this is the first sighting, we can expect the new Scrambler 1200 series to be released in the coming months. EICMA looks like the perfect platform for debut announcements. It will then ship to dealers in early 2024. Of course, Triumph USA will also raise prices, but considering the mild update, it won’t go bankrupt. In fact, the model featured here could be Triumph’s cheapest 1200cc Scrambler yet.

Source: topspeed.com