Guy Willison has teamed up with Honda UK and MattB Customs to create a Honda Grom like no other.

The diminutive Honda MSX125 (or ‘Grom’) is not uncommon on manufacturers’ tables when it comes to aesthetic and performance upgrades. But I’m not sure you’ve seen a grom look this extreme before.

This bike is the result of a collaboration between legendary bike builder Guy Willison and artist and sports shoe fitter MattB Customs. What makes them build a little drag racer? It will now be shipped to Wheels and Waves and will compete with various other 125cc models across Europe.

Guy Willison-built turbo and NOZ Grom drag racer in detail

The aptly named “HOLD ON” bike expresses a street-inspired vision of what Groms need to kill people on the “strip.” The most obvious change is the greatly elongated swingarm, which is underbraced and machined to match the bike’s nitrite canister. But Guy and the team didn’t stop there, adding Garrett his turbo to squeeze every last ounce of power out of the normally smooth-running engine.

The look is completed with a set of perfectly executed racing fairings with custom paint, bespoke leather seats and a bespoke exhaust system.

Speaking about the mechanical side of the build, mastermind Willison said:

“When asked to work with Matt on this project, I felt there was only [one] direction we should go – a ‘no holds barred’ turbo-charged, nitrous oxide injected drag racer pared to the bone with styling and paint job to match.”.


MattB Customs is responsible for most of the design of this bike. If you’re like me, you might be wondering who he is. It turns out that Matt is a world-renowned sports shoe fitter and artist who started making custom sneakers for his friends and family when he was 17 years old. Currently, he has 126,000 followers on his Instagram, where his designs are credited to Ed his Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Marcus his Rashford, and more.


“It was a surreal experience exploring our art style and applying it to something crazy that wasn’t shoes or accessories,” said Matt. It can also stick and create the illusion that the paint is dripping off the bike. Exactly what we wanted! ”

As mentioned, this bike will now be sent to Wheel and Waves where it will be compared to bikes from other parts of Europe. The contest includes 2 cute Dachshunds, 2 of his MSX125 Groms, and 3 of his cheeky custom his Monkeys, these are his It will be on display at the Wheels & Waves Festival in Biarritz until 2020.

To check out the other bikes and cast your vote, head on over to the official website and take part in the online poll.