A vision turned into a reality, with a wrecked Honda motorcycle as a blank canvas.

In my experience, motorcycle assembly videos don’t usually get that much attention, but I believe anyone can be attracted to a project that is so ambitious, innovative, and passionate enough to generate clicks. I’m here.

I think that’s the story of While in the Garage (MWiG), which does more than motorcycle videos. This bike is a seasoned craftsman with a knack for creating front-wheel drive bikes, futuristic modified scooters, and other really wild things to shove in your garage. It is the latest motorcycle that has broken through the 7-digit mark.

Yes, it’s a front wheel drive bike. Here is the video.

Anyway, this bike took an old Honda and turned it into the vision MWiG had in mind. Bikes come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is completely shredded at the beginning of the video and we weren’t kidding when the title said wreck. Since this bike has no fairings and no special features other than a V4 engine, it is likely that this bike is a Honda VFR, although the model name is fully revealed at the beginning of the 52 minute video. was not

Update: It has been pointed out that this bike may actually be a Honda ST1100, not he VFR. That makes more sense.

One of the most distinctive elements of the finished product is the large rake angle of the steering head, a feature not found in his standard VFRs in the past. I changed the lean angle of the bike by editing the frame. Since then, many changes have been made throughout the ergonomic package offered.

Broken down or not, the bike really worked from the start and the unit had controls that worked which was very helpful as the build progressed. Part of Honda’s ergonomic overhaul actually came from another donor bike, an old BMW that was lying dormant in the garage at the time. The bar had enough sweep to match the planned aesthetic. Custom bodywork was then installed to make the Honda truly look like the motorcycle of the future.

Come to think of it, the next project seems to be the Honda CBR that MWiG commented that it would fly.

Now that all the work is done, it’s show time. The bikes MWiG created looked terribly unique. It’s crazy to see how far the finished product has evolved and how radically the bike has changed. Now working and in the best condition of its life, this vehicle was put on display at the MotoMinds Kortrijk motorcycle show for all to see and appreciate.

Source: rideapart.com