I’m seeing more smartphones mounted on bike handlebars than ever before. Anecdotally, I also see smartphones replacing dedicated GPS units, which is quite understandable. Smartphones provide a good deal more functionality than a GPS unit, plus riders already own a smartphone and are paying for its internet access. Although there are dozens of choices for smartphone handlebar mounts, which prices starting under $20, I went with a Rokform motorcycle phone mount system. Rokform positions itself as an industry leader and is among the most expensive. My default position is that one usually gets what one pays for, so I put that to the test.

Irvine-based Rokform offers four choices for smartphone mounts for motorcycles:

  1. The Pro Series Motorcycle Perch Mount replaces the rider’s rear bracket on either the brake or clutch lever housings. $120.
  2. The Pro Series Motorcycle Bar Mount wraps around the handlebar with a clamp. $120.
  3. A Ram-compatible universal ball adapter phone mount with a one-inch rubber-coated ball. $50.
  4. The Pro Series Motorcycle Stem Mount affixes to the steering stem hole on many clip-on-equipped bikes. $120.

I wanted a handlebar mount, but didn’t have any room on the BMW R 1250 RS Project Bike’s short clip-on style bars, which are well-populated with accessories. The stem mount doesn’t work on this BMW, as it has a handlebar, and I didn’t want to go with a Ram mount. The perch mount utilizes the two bolt locations on my front brake lever housing, so it got the job. I went with the brake side because an Adaptiv TPX Pro Radar and Laser Detection device is perch-mounted on the clutch housing.

Aside from the mount, users must purchase a Rokform case with the company’s proprietary twist lock connector on the back. Rokform’s RokLock case uses a quarter-turn lock, with the Pro Max Rugged Case ($60) with MagSafe-compatible MagMax relying magnetic technology to attach your precious cellphone to the mount.

The perch mount is a universal mount that fits most bikes with 1.45-  to 1.65-inch spacing (37mm–42mm) between clutch or brake housing bolts. Two pairs of longer bolts (SAE and metric) are included to replace the stock bolts.

A Torx wrench is included; that is all you will need to do the installation, unless a different tool is required to remove the clutch or brake bracket.

Connection alignment is easy, and the only way to remove the phone is by depressing the sturdy and stiff release lever and twisting the phone out in the reverse direction one attaches it. For extra assurance that the phone stays put, there is a 32mm neodymium magnet halfway down the mount’s arm. It holds tight to a plate in the case and snaps in with a satisfyingly solid click. I doubt the phone could detach itself spontaneously under normal circumstances, which can happen on some tether-less X-type and other mounts.

I’ve heard of moto vibration ruining smartphone cameras—Apple warns iPhone users about the issue—so Rokform’s Motorcycle Mount Vibration Dampener ($30) is an essential accessory. Adding the vibration-absorbing damper is quick and adds about 5/8-inch height over the standard lock head. When handling the damper, I swiveled it a bit to feel the effect of the rubber mount. I trust this item to do its job, and my iPhone’s camera has not suffered any ill effects.

I also tried the bar mount on my pal’s Ducati Multistrada V4. It had plenty of room to place the mount about anywhere I liked.

The bar mount fits any bar between 7/8- to 1.25-inch (22.2mm-31.75mm). Three rubber spacers are included to allow fitment to your motorcycle’s handlebar diameter. The arm moves between -20° to +55° of the pivot, with 360° of rotation, enabling you to achieve your perfect viewing angle.

Both the bar and perch mounts arrived from Rokform in lovely packaging. The units have a solid feeling, as they are built from CNC-machined 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. They can be ordered in anodized black or polished aluminum.

Motorcycle phone mounts are valuable for those desiring to see their phones while riding, and many brands will do the job. I initially liked the appearance of Rokform’s offerings and, after testing, I became impressed by the construction quality, the RokLock Twist Lock, and the MagMax magnet that adds extra layers of security for my smartphone.

Source: ultimatemotorcycling.com