If you’ve been eyeing the all-new 2024 model from BMW Motorrad (just launched!), you’ve probably noticed some great new feature the company has added to enhance rider safety.

Christened “Intelligent Emergency Call” (or simply “eCall”), the safety tech is part of the Bavrians’ first model year update for 2024, available for the following BMW models:

2024 F 900 R (eCall is optional)

2024 XR (eCall is optional)

2024 K 1600x (eCall is standard)

2024 R 1250x (eCall is standard)

2024 R 18 B (eCall is standard)

2024 Transcontinental (eCall is standard)

2024 S 1000 R / RR (eCall is standard)

2024 CE 04 (eCall is standard)

BMW’s iconic Transcontinental

According to the brand’s recent press release (published by Roadracing World), eCall “adds a covered SOS button, speaker and microphone to the right-hand handlebar controls” and will be activated when the bike is delivered.

That’s a really great idea. By pressing the ‘eCall’ SOS button, the rider will be connected to an agent (similar to our ‘911’ emergency number) who will assess the situation and seek emergency assistance if necessary.

The BMW R 18 B.

What’s the best thing about this technology? It automatically calls for help in the event of an accident, greatly increasing the benefits of this feature.

What do you think of BMW’s new technology?

Source: webbikeworld.com