Tweaks to nearly all parts of the bike have resulted in a competition-spec machine that weighs no more than 67 kilograms.

Trials is considered by many as one of the most technically demanding off-road motorcycling disciplines out there. The true combination of man and machine, even the slightest tweak to the settings on the bike can voluminously change the way it performs on the course. That said, there’s no surprise that trial bikes get lighter, more high-tech, and feature improved power delivery, year after year.  

Such is the case with Sherco and its 2023 STR trials bike. Sherco, a popular off-road manufacturer headquartered in France, has developed a name for itself in the off-road scene, particularly in trials. Its STR trials bike is loved by enthusiasts and competitive riders alike, and for 2023, incorporates a whole host of updates that make it better than ever before. 

To start with, the aesthetics of the bike have been tweaked with new front and rear fenders, as well as a sleek headlight nestled in between the two fork tubes. On the handlebars, the MAP switch has been positioned to be much more accessible, allowing riders to fine-tune performance on the go. 

Underneath the new body work, the chrome-molybdenum frame has also been revised, and is now 365 grams lighter, while at the same time offering a lower center of gravity. The frame includes a set of removable forged aluminum side plates, as well as polymer frame protectors designed to reduce damage in the likely event of a drop. 

Perhaps the biggest change to the 2023 Sherco STR can be found in its engine. Thanks to the redesign of a variety of parts, the engine is now lighter by a whopping 4.5 kilograms, tipping the scales at just 16 kilos. A new pre-compression system improves overall performance, while the cylinder has been tweaked to provide better thermodynamics, with a cooling surface increased by 24 percent. Furthermore, the crankshaft has been lightened, and redesigned with a larger 116 millimeter diameter resulting in more inertia. 

Last but not least, the rear suspension linkage has been revised, resulting in a swingarm axle that’s 21 millimeters lower than in previous iterations. According to Sherco, this results in much better handling and traction, thanks to a more even weight distribution. Overall, the 2023 Sherco STR tips the scales at just 66.95 kilograms, making it lighter and more performance-focused than ever before.