On display is a unique bike, a one-off machines, called the Beond.

Among the feature displays is the amazing ‘Beond’ – the road-registered Transformers character prototype belonging to Brisbane-based business coach Steve Leach. It’s Steve’s daily ride…

‘Beond’ was purchased by Leach who then began an extensive ‘ground-up’ overhaul, with de-construction, re-engineering, customisation and re-construction taking hundreds of hours to complete.

Its Harley-Davidson V-Rod engine and tyres are the only components not crafted entirely from hand.

“The prototype came from the US and was originally inspired by a character from the Transformers movie,” said Leach.

“It certainly gets people’s interest and creates attention. We get used to the ordinary world we live in and I don’t believe in locking away your ‘good stuff’ for ‘someday’!”

Sydney artist Time Cameron created the artwork, while the original prototype engineering was completed by Chris Travert, the driving force behind Jay Leno’s Y2K jet bike which appeared at a past Australian Motorcycle Expo event.

Source: Drive.com.au