A rider on the Ducati Monster SP cornering at speed on the racetrack

Ducati motorcycles are characterized by Italian passion for motorsport and design.

Like many other brands in the Italian automobile industry, Ducati evokes a burning passion like no other, no matter how good or precisely engineered it is. Ducati is a motorcycle brand loved by many, hated by a few, and watched by all. Societa Radio Brevetti Ducati was founded in 1926 as a radio equipment company, not a motorcycle manufacturer, and survived during World War II until its factory was destroyed in an air raid in 1944.

But something good came out of the rubble of the original factory. When the rebuild began, Ducati wanted to make different types of products, but in the end, the Italian government wanted him to focus on one electric bike. In 1946 Ducati’s first 50cc motorized bicycle was launched. What followed was history, and the brand has evolved since then to now play a major role in some of the most competitive segments of the motorcycle industry.

Ducati Has a Tradition Unlike Any Other European Motorcycle Brand.

2022 Ducati Panigale V4 cornering on a racetrack

But what is so special about Ducati and what sets it apart from big names in Europe such as BMW, KTM, Aprilia and Husqvarna? It’s about how you get involved. Ducati tracks its customers’ adventures and registers them on its website. In addition, we help our customers plan and participate in long adventures with unique travel packages that take them on unforgettable journeys around the world. We also provide training to connect customers and make them more comfortable with their bikes and skills. These are great opportunities for those who want to find their place among like-minded people who share a common passion – the love of Ducati bikes.

The training sessions are very didactic and specific, but we cater to each driver when needed. Courses from beginner to advanced are taught by professional instructors, including official Ducati test rider Andrea Rossi. Ducati, along with brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, is a national treasure of Italy, an icon that Italians are proud of, and a chance for the whole world to enjoy. It’s no coincidence that red is Ducati’s official color. This is because red is most associated with passion and other strong emotions such as excitement, love, and even anger. Speaking of which, Ducati has built some of the wildest bikes out there. The Diavel, Multistrada and Panigale are all powered by Ducati’s new V4 engine and he is arguably one of the best engines you can put on a motorcycle and the Italian brand’s breathtakingly powerful An example of a motorcycle.

Ducati Built Its Brand Around Experience

An action shot of Ducati Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak leaning down the corner. 

Like Harley-Davidson, Ducati understands that motorcycles are more than what they offer. It’s not that products aren’t important, rather the opposite, but it’s the lived experiences that are most memorable and can build lasting relationships between customers and brands. In that sense, Ducati borrowed a lot of strategy from Harley-Davidson. They encourage and sponsor events that bring riders together, and they also use it as a promotional tool to show that Ducati is not just about selling bikes.

Of course, one could buy a Ducati and only visit the dealer for service, but for many, the brand is a brand that offers its customers its rich history, whether it’s motorsport or adventure travel around the world. provide the opportunity to fall in love with Like Harley-Davidson, Ducati also published a dedicated magazine and delivered it to Ducati owners. This investment in solidifying the brand as a way of life is what sets this particular Italian brand apart from the rest. They have also successfully attempted to attract a younger generation with Ducati’s preeminent ‘SportsterScrambler series.

Italian Passion Runs Through Every Motorcycle

A rider on the Ducati Monster SP doing stunts on the highway

Even if they weren’t directly involved, the involvement of Ducati bikes made the memorable adventure extra special. In 2012, a brave man decided to travel the world in a Panigale. The journey was recorded in diary form by the driver and eventually posted on various forums, aptly named ‘Italian Supermodel and Around the World’. It was a life-changing adventure for this driver, but it was the supermodel sitting in his garage that inspired him. Things people do for love.

Back to the question posed at the beginning of this article. This commitment to the brand and how it is perceived by its customers, the pride and passion that the Ducati name brings, and the cutting-edge motorcycles they make, makes Ducati the only truly premium motorcycle brand in Europe. gives the advantage of I’m not saying other brands are bad because that’s not true, but for the most part they have traditional It lacks a nice Italian flair.

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