An ultra-rare, low-mile Bimota SB8R is up for grabs at Iconic Motorbike Auctions

The closer you look, the more carbon fiber comes to light

Carbon fiber has become a staple for modern-day sports bikes, and you can find it in a number of applications (fenders, wheels, exhausts). Where it remains uncommon, however, is in the chassis department, thanks to the expensive production process. In fact, the only carbon-chassised road-legal sports bikes we can think of is the Ducati Panigale Superleggera series. But what if we told you another Italian bikemaker beat Ducati to this feat, that too, by upwards of a decade? Before you gasp for air, meet the Bimota SB8R – the world’s first production sports bike with a carbon-infused chassis!

The Bimota SB8R Had Truckloads Of Carbon Fiber

Being a homologation motorcycle (with a 150-unit production figure), Bimota went all in for the SB8R. And by all in, we mean loaded it with an insane amount of carbon fiber. The slickest element was its aluminum twin spar chassis, reinforced with carbon fiber inserts on the legs (near the footpegs). Not just that, Bimota binned the entire subframe to make way for a self-supporting carbon fiber tail that doubled up as the seat pan.

Like the chassis, the carbon treatment extended to the muscular side fairings, both fenders, and the aerodynamic top mask. The latter had two massive scoops, paired with two tank-mounted intakes–also carved out of carbon fiber. To no one’s surprise, most of the carbon remained unpainted–after all, this was no ordinary feat–and helped the SB8R tip the scale at an uber-light 380 pounds.

The Bimota SB8R Featured Top-Of-The-Line Underpinnings

Safe to say the cockpit is just as interesting as the motorcycle itself

Another place where Bimota went all in was the underpinnings. The carbon chassis relied on 46mm inverted Paioli forks and an Ohlins monoshock, both fully adjustable and finished in gold. These were joined by 17-inch Antera cast aluminum wheels which wore Brembo calipers and discs fore and aft. Meanwhile, the SB8R also had an adjustable rake (thanks to Ducati 916-inspired steering head) and a 1,390 mm wheelbase (even shorter than then-benchmark Yamaha YZF-R1).

At the center of all this sat a Suzuki TL1000-derived 996cc, 90-degree V-Twin. But in typical Bimota fashion, the engine was tuned to make 134 horsepower at the rear wheel, similar to what the Suzuki made at the crank. Together with its low weight and aerodynamic body, this allowed the SB8 to breach 170mph.

2000 Bimota SB8R For Sale At Iconic Motorbike Auctions

This auction bike is equipped with a custom free-flow exhaust

Now that you know all this, we’re pretty sure you understand just how iconic the SB8R is. And if you want to have one for yourself, you’re in luck because Iconic Motorbike Auctions has listed an uber-clean Bimota SB8R for sale. The motorcycle has a single mile on its digital odometer and runs perfectly. You also get an original key and an aftermarket under-tail exhaust for a cracking exhaust note. Currently, the listing has a $5,000 bid which is way lower than its expected market value of $13,000-14,000. Think you can manage that? Then, head to the reseller before April 12, 2023.