Only about half of the bikes that started the race made it to the finish line.
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the number 180? For Go Powersports, though, he’s a three-hour enduro race through the Texas wilderness on nothing but a mini bike.

The operators of the Cars and Cameras YouTube channel have joined us for both 2021 and 2022. Of course, the last run for 2022 was to fix last year’s mistakes. In other words, aren’t all racers like that? Overall, the experience was a little better, but there were definitely some issues that could be improved for 2023.

Around 60 bikes competed on the day (more or less) divided into three different classes. There was a junior class for younger racers. There were also two separate classes for full-suspension riders and hardtail riders (where front suspension is allowed to be fitted). The team at Cars and Camera used their infinite wisdom to build a full-suspension entry that he assembled just one day before race day.

The bikes and riders did pretty well, but as you can see through the video, putting the bikes together the day before the scheduled race didn’t always go according to plan. Unfortunately, the team hoped to finish on the podium this year, but it didn’t because the chain tried to fly off the rear sprocket. Have you ever had to put your knees over the wheel to hold a loose carburetor? As they later discovered, these things could have been avoided if they had had a day or two to thoroughly test the bike before the race. Fixing small issues and tuning the bike would have been a definite plus. The team plans to get this right for next year’s competition.

The wear and tear was so high that about half (or less) of the racers actually finished the race in the end. The team was very proud of even finishing the race. Although not on the podium, the C&C crew managed to secure him fifth place in the Softail class. The mud and memories will last a lifetime, and there will always be another year.