Yamaha’s XSR900 three-cylinder retro motorbike was the base bike for a bevy of bespoke builds at the recent Bike Shed Moto Show, with the Japanese firm’s European and US arms revealing their own Yard Built special in collaboration with social media platform caféracersofinstagram (CROIG).

Starring alongside a new half-faired Yamaha XSR900 Racer kit now available in the official optional accessories catalogue, as well as a stunning new Yamaha XSR900 build by Velocity Moto that transforms the roadster into an RD500LC lookalike, the special machine is littered with carbon fibre and pays homage to Yamaha’s 1980s GP racing heritage.

“This has been a passion project of mine, to build motorcycles with the motorcycle community, with talented people that I have always admired and followed, and create something that people really enjoy,” CROIG’s David Chang said.

To build the special machine, David and the rest of the team began by foam moulding their design around the existing Yamaha XSR900 chassis. They then cut out the boxy 80s styling and 3D modelled the tank, fairing, and seat unit.

Designed to fit without altering the standard fitments, the bodywork is made of carbon fibre, with air fed to the intakes via two bespoke aluminium vents. The bike also rolls on carbon rims supplied by Rotobox, with the standard suspension replaced with the latest Öhlins finery.

Despite the GP-esque side profile, the original inspiration for the build came from Yamaha’s 1985 FZR750 Suzuka 8 Hour racer. A second bike will now be produced by CROIG in the United States to be donated to raise money for Waves for Water – an organisation aiming to provide clean water for all.

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Source: motorcyclenews.com