The Italian brand hopes to attract Gen-Z riders by adding a splash of vibrant color to its 125cc and 150cc scooters.

Vespa is a brand that’s sure to ring a bell even for non-motorcycle enthusiasts. This scooter manufacturer turned lifestyle icon is present all across the globe, and continues to appeal to riders of all generations, and from all walks of life. In India, for example, the Italian marque has just launched its Dual range based upon its 125cc and 150cc platforms. The goal? To get more Gen-Z riders aboard the classy Italian scooters. 

As Diego Graffi, the Chairman and Managing Director of Piaggio Vehicles puts it, “Vespa is the essence of an Italian lifestyle, of irreverent spontaneity, and living to the fullest. For years, Vespa has won over entire generations with its charisma that transmits freedom and its unconventional style. With the Vespa Dual we want to appeal to the up-and-coming Gen Z that is looking for something different and reflective of their personality.”

Indeed, colors say a lot about who we are, and with the new Vespa Dual range, folks in India will be able to express themselves on the road aboard a stylish, iconic two-wheeler. As is the case with most limited-edition Vespas, the Dual range consists of special edition colorways. As the name suggests, the scooters are adorned with a two-tone design. In total, there are four colorways on offer. VXL models are adorned in Pearl White + Azuro Provenza and Pearl White + Beige color schemes. Meanwhile, Pearl White + Matte Red and Pearl White + Matt Black make up the color options for the SXL models. 

Apart from the color schemes, the scooters remain mechanically unchanged. For the 125cc models, the scooter is powered by a single-cylinder, air-cooled unit generating 9.65 horsepower at 7,400 rpm. Meanwhile, the more premium 150cc models get a single-cylinder engine with a tad more grunt at 10.64 horsepower at 7,400 rpm. For 2023, both models are now OBD-2 compliant, conforming to the latest emissions regulations in the Indian market. 

As for availability, there are more than 250 Vespa dealerships scattered across India, and the new Dual range is supposedly already available. The more affordable VXL versions start at Rs 132,000, or about $1,596 USD, while the SXL models retail for Rs 149,000, or approximately $1,801 USD. For more information, visit Vespa’s official webpage on the Dual series in the links below.