Seven-year-old August Beck tests the Volcon Kids Moto Two electric dirtbike at Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area north of Los Angeles.

At Rider, we do everything we can to encourage and support the next generation of motorcyclists. When children learn how to ride at an early age, they quickly adapt and become fans of all things two-wheeled. As electric vehicles grow in popularity, kids (and their parents) have more options to choose from, including the new electric dirt bike Volcon Kids Moto Two.

The Volcon Kids Moto Two, which is built by Spanish manufacturer Torrot, weighs 77.2 lb and is designed for kids 8 to 11 years of age weighing up to 88 lb.

Last summer, we shared the story of August Beck, the son of friends Paul and Allison, and his experience learning how to ride a Greengar x Honda CRF-E2 electric dirt bike. August started riding Strider on his Balance bike as a toddler, grew up on BMX bikes, and shortly after he turned 7 he transitioned to the CRF-E2, the electric 50cc dirt equivalent of a 50cc dirtbike.

Fortunately, August still fits in most of the Fly Racing gear he received last summer. He outgrew the boots, so his parents picked him up a pair of Fox boots at Plat It Again Sports.

The Volcon Kids Moto Two has a 14-inch front wheel, a 12-inch rear wheel, and a 25.2-inch seat height.

Of course, there was a learning curve. The CRF-E2 weighed him 106 pounds, much heavier than August’s BMX bike, which weighed him nearly 40 pounds. When it fell, as it often does, he wasn’t strong enough to pick it up himself. August also struggled with throttle control and braking, but younger kids pick up on it quickly.

The Moto Two has a 48-volt, 8.5-Ah, 412-Wh lithium-ion battery that is swappable. Run time is up to 2 hours, and charge time to 100% is up to 5 hours on a 110-volt outlet.

Volcon Kids Moto Two

Volcon ePowersports is one of the new entrants in the electric vehicle market. Founded in 2020 and based in Austin, Texas, the company makes most of its all-terrain vehicles in the U.S., including two-wheel Grunt, Runt and Brat models and four-wheel Stag UTVs. However, the junior model is made by the Spanish manufacturer Torrot.

The Volcon Kids Moto Two has a compact design, with the motor and swappable battery pack protected by frame rails and a small skid plate.

Volcon offers two models, the Kids Moto One ($2,899) and Kids Moto Two ($2,999). Aimed at younger/little kids, the One features a 0.84kW motor, 10″ wheels and a 22.6″ seat height. It weighs 68.3 pounds and accommodates riders weighing up to 66 pounds. Designed for kids ages 6-11, the Two features a 1.5kW motor, 14″ front and 12″ rear wheels, and a 25.2″ seat height. It weighs 77.2 pounds with a maximum rider weight of 88 pounds. Top speeds are similar, 26 mph for the One and 27 mph for the Two.
The Volcon Kids Moto Two was delivered to the Bex family in a small box. August’s father, Paul, is a handy man, so getting August ready for the trip was easy.

Hungry Valley’s mini track is surrounded by a fence and a large staging area, allowing kids to practice riding in a safe, controlled environment.

For testing, we drove to the Hungry Valley State Vehicle Recreation Area north of Los Angeles. There are dirt bikes and mini trucks for ATVs under 90cc. August is still learning the basics of riding a dirt bike, so the Moto Two suited him. It weighs 29 pounds less than the CRF-E2, making it easier to carry and easier to lift.

With some dirtbike experience already under his belt, August took to the Volcon Kids Moto Two quickly.

Learning how to control the throttle takes a lot of practice (yes, we know a good twist grip on an e-bike will adjust the motorcontroller). Young kids aren’t known for being quick-witted, and August is still in the phase of snapping the throttle back rather than rolling it on gradually. As a result, the bike often accelerates abruptly before your body and mind are ready. He responds by pushing the throttle forward again, causing a jerky movement of the bike and body until it picks up speed.

Pairing the Torrot smartphone app with the Moto Two makes it easy to adjust power, speed, throttle response, and regeneration.

Moto Two features Bluetooth connectivity and allows you to pair your bike with the Torrot smartphone app. August’s father Paul used the app to set parameters for the two, including maximum power, maximum speed, throttle response and recuperation. Each parameter can be adjusted with a slider and for every parameter he can choose 3 preset levels (low, medium and high) at once. As August became more comfortable, his father adjusted the settings.

The rear shock is adjustable for spring preload.

This bike is built tough, with a chromoly steel frame, 3.7” travel hydraulic forks, 4.9” travel preload adjustable shocks, disc brakes and spoked wheels with Michelin Starcross tires. Another great feature is the removable battery that makes charging more convenient. His optional second battery can provide ready-to-use power when the first battery dies. (The standard 48 volt, 8.8 Ah battery is $599.99; the upgraded 48 volt, 12.5 Ah battery is $899.99.)

The large-diameter wheels allowed August to ride through deep sand and over small obstacles with ease.

Thanks to the large diameter wheels, August was able to easily maneuver in deep sand and over small obstacles.

2023 Volcon Kids Moto Two Specs

  • Base Price: $2,999
  • Website:
  • Motor Type: Air-cooled 48V brushless DC motor w/ programmable controller
  • Battery: 8.8 Ah / 412 Wh lithium-ion, swappable
  • Run Time: Up to 2 hrs.
  • Charging Time to 100%: 5 hrs.
  • Power: 1.5 kW (2 hp)
  • Torque: N/A
  • Max. Speed: 27 mph
  • Final Drive: Chain
  • Wheel Diameter: 14 in. front, 12 in. rear 
  • Seat Height: 25.2 in.
  • Weight: 77.2 lb
  • Max. Rider Weight: 88 lb

A display next to the right grip shows battery level, and just below it is a button that turns the bike on. The Moto Two has a wrist lanyard that shuts the power off when the rider’s left hand leaves the grip.

Papa (Paul Beck) helps August secure the emergency shut-off wrist lanyard before he starts riding laps around the mini track.

The Moto Two has no transmission, and its large rear sprocket allows it to accelerate quickly.

The Volcon Kids Moto Two has a unique green paint scheme and stylish graphics.