Eau Rouge is one of the most magnificent corners in the world, but you rarely get a glimpse of it like this.

You’ve probably seen countless competitors tackle him in one of motorsport’s most iconic corners. On two or four wheels, Eau Rouge is spectacular on TV or from the side of the track.

You may also have seen the in-flight video of a participant attending the famous corner, which depicts a terrifying scene of many of his F1 and sports cars blowing up the Eiffel Mountains at full throttle.

WATCH: Niccolò Canepa smashes Eau Rouge on his YART R1 race bike

But I have never seen this view. This is from EWC racer Niccolò Canepa. He mounted his Garmin VIRB his action camera on his chin to capture the spectacular and sometimes dangerous corners with a unique perspective from the driver’s point of view.

The result is beautiful, poetic, and a little creepy, but don’t think Eau Rouge is the only reason to watch this video. In the nine-minute clip, we can also see a re-profiled corner (see below) just before Puhon’s fast left hand.

Called Speaker’s Corner by spa officials, the venue has been specially renovated to accommodate high-profile motorcycle events such as the EWC at this historic venue. The clip-opening curve has also been tweaked to help the bike compete on the track at the highest level. Eau Rouge and Radillion both benefited from barrier modifications, but during the €80 million government era, larger and safer spill areas were installed elsewhere. Funded work.

Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy Spa Francorchamps like you’ve (probably) never seen before.

Source: visordown.com