Trikes are more or less extinct now, BVC off-road has resurrected a popular classic

The Honda Big Red was a popular trike back in the 90s, courtesy of its exceptional load-bearing capabilities and the simple ease of riding. Though the Big Red was discontinued shortly after, the folks at BVC Off-road were so impressed by this trike that they have rejuvenated it for 2022, creating a modern-day 650cc Big Red which is, in simple words, Rad!!

Modern Honda Big Red By BVC Off-road

For the build, BVC Off-road chose the Honda XR650L as the base.} It was then stripped off of its stock front and rear wheels to make way for the new wheel assembly.

Next, a wider triple clamp was put in to increase the width between the front forks, thus making space for the much wider front wheel. This is also accompanied by a huge front fender, put in place to resemble the original Big Red.

At the opposite end, the trike-maker replaced the stock wheel assembly with an axle to attach the two wheels, converting the two-wheeler into a three-wheeler.

Even with these changes, though, the bodywork has remained more or less unchanged with the only changes being the removal of the headlight and the long tail assembly.

Similarly, the 644cc, single-cylinder engine remains unchanged too, even boasting the same stock exhaust. For reference, the XR650L puts out around 43 horsepower and 38.2 pound-feet.

So what’s the result of all this? Well, as you can see in the video below, the XR650L trike looks super fun to ride and is MUCH faster than the original Big Red, evident from the mock drag race between the two. faster than the original Big Red, evident from the mock drag race between the two.

Finally, the video ends with BVC Off-road saying revealing that the next update will be to put in front and rear carries on the modern Big Red to make it just as functional as its older comrade.

To sum it up, this is surely right up there with all the rad builds we’ve shown here and possibly one of the most unique ones, as trikes have become more or less extinct in these modern times.

Watch the video here: