We test the Quad Lock PRO Handlebar Mount – this time in the Himalayas.

Like many riders, I run a Quad Lock handlebar mount on my bike and have done so for some time. The easy-to-fit mount is manufactured from glass-filled nylon and I have not had a problem with it. Nevertheless, at the beginning of the year, Quad Lock was keen for me to check out its then-new Handlebar Mount PRO, which is very similar to the original unit but is instead manufactured from black anodised CNC aluminium. The other difference is the method by which the rubber collars fit inside the mount, which provides a more solid fit to the handlebar. For the record, it is supplied with a range of collars to suit handlebars from 22.2mm to 35mm diameter.


I took the PRO mount on a recent trip to the Himalayas, fitted to a Royal Enfield Himalayan, and despite the tough conditions, the setup worked faultlessly, keeping my iPhone secure over a mix of on- and off-road terrain.

I also run a Quad Lock Vibration Dampener between the handlebar mount and my iPhone 11 Pro Max, as I experienced a camera failure early in the testing phase that was fixed under warranty. In the 12 months since, the vibration dampener has proved its worth and I haven’t had any other problems with the phone.

I reckon the Aussie-designed Quad Lock system is one of the best motorcycle phone mounts on the market – it is just so easy to fit and easy to secure and remove your phone. The PRO mount goes a step further and I reckon it would probably last a lifetime. There are a range of accessories available too, such as a wireless charging head and different mounting options.

Tested: Star rating: 5/5

Source: amcn.com.au