2024 YZ450F unchanged but also available in SP colour variant

Yamaha’s YZ250F has gained a serious overhaul for 2024. Like the two-stroke range we covered earlier, the YZ250F will also be available in an SP variant running retro 50th anniversary colours. Both of the 250 models are due in October, $13,949 ride-away for the standard, an extra $300 for the SP.

On the update front we’re seeing a new frame, saving weight and running more compact dimensions. The aluminium bilateral beam frame has been optimised for strength and flex, which Yamaha promises means more agility and better traction for more confidence all-round.

That in turn allows slimmer bodywork and ergonomic improvements, with a more narrow fuel tank, lower airbox and narrower radiator shrouds. The ride triangle also offers move legroom, by extending the stretch between the seat and footpegs.

On the performance side of things, the 250 cc four-stroke now runs a more efficient intake path and matching ECU settings, which Yamaha tells us delivers more mid-range right through to the top end. A change to the camchain has been made in the interests of durability.

Then there is the latest Yamaha Power Tuner app, which aims to offering a more user-friendly experience, with a focus on intuitive operation, including a simple slide bar for engine mapping, traction control and launch control tuning, as well as a lap timer.

The new traction control system offers three settings including off, High and Low, while the launch control system can be adjusted between 6000 rpm and 14000 rpm in 500 rpm incremeneds, via the app.

A new handlebar mounted switch also allows for easy map swaps on the run, and two maps can be loaded into the bike, again via the Yamaha Power Tuner app.

The KYB suspension has also been tweaked at the rear, for less cornering pitch and improved stability. On the forks we see hand-adjustable knobs, making for easier adjustment of the compression.

Brakes are by Nissin, with a 270 mm front rotor and 240 mm rear, while the wheels have been optimised to save further weight – the bike itself now weighing 105 kg wet – and still running the three cross-spoke design on the rear wheel.

Tyres will be Dunlop Geomax MX33, 80/100-21 front and 120/80-19 rear.

The SP version is inspired by the 1990s Yamaha two-stroke motocrossers.

The YZ250F isn’t the only 2024 four-stroke to get the SP edition either, with the YZ450F also arriving in the retro SP livery as an option. The standard Team Yamaha Blue YZ450F is available for $15,149 ride-away, while the SP is due this month for $15,449 ride-away.

Unlike the YZ250F, the YZ450F hasn’t been comprehensively updated, but does benefit from the improvements aforementioned in the Yamaha Power Tuner app.

Source: mcnews.com.au